Double Decker Living Root Bridge Trek and Rainbow Falls, Meghalaya: Complete Guide

A living root bridge is an aerial/suspension bridge formed by woven roots of a tree. These root bridges are commonly found in the Khasi and Jaintia Hills in Meghalaya. The ‘double decker’ living root bridge is popular amongst the outdoor enthusiast tourists.

About the trek

The double-decker root bridge is in Nongriat village near Sohra/Cherrapunji. There are two routes to reach the root bridge. You can start your trek from either Tyrna Village or Mawkawir/Ramdait Village. The shortest and easier way is from Tyrna Village. This route is most popular, and you can easily find fellow trekkers/guides along the way. You will cross a single root bridge and other steel suspension bridges. The way from Mawkawir is a bit longer however it is less steep. You’ll cross a small village which is the first stop followed by a jungle route covered in bay leaf trees. Both the routes have cemented steps for the most part. However, the steps are small and steep. It’s not mandatory to take a guide and you can ask people in the village on the Mawkawir route (it’s a left from the village and a left from the Y junction) and there are enough sign boards on the Tyrna route.

Fitness Level Requirements

I would suggest you reconsider this trek if you have any knee/joint or mobility issues or aren’t in a good physical shape. There are other living root bridges which are easier and less taxing on oneself. The trek takes about 2-2.5 hours each way. If you google it says there are about 3500 – 4000 steps, but I assure you its way more or atleast it feels like.

Be prepared for some serious muscle pain the next day if you aren’t in your best shape. Leg day done for the month!

What to carry/wear?

  • Comfortable shoes/Sandals

  • Light trekking clothes

  • Light jacket as it gets slightly chilly in the evening. (Incase, you get late on your way back.)

  • Sunscreen, mosquito repellent and a cap.

  • Water bottles and some food (you have shops in the villages selling you packaged water, tea, coffee, chips, and Maggie)

  • A change of clothes if you plan to take a dip (keep reading for more information on the location)

Other Information

  • You can buy a stick for trekking if you need for Rs. 10/20.

  • Entry fee for double decker is Rs. 50 per adult (as on February 2022) for Indian Nationals

  • Additional camera fees maybe applicable.

  • Check the timings for entry. Note it generally gets dark around 5 p.m. so try to get back around sunset.

Pro Tip: Visit Rainbow Waterfall instead of spending time at the double decker living root bridge. Just a 3 kms hike from double decker bridge is Rainbow Falls with turquoise blue waters. It takes about an hour to reach the falls from the root bridge. If you reach the falls on a sunny afternoon you may get lucky to see a glint of rainbow across the falls (hence the name). There are no changing rooms but you have big rocks which can be used instead.

Taking a dip in the ice-cold water on a hot sunny day after a long trek followed by some hot Maggie to warm up was the best part of the entire journey for me.

Ideal Route: Tyrna Village – Rainbow Falls – Double Decker Route Bridge – Tyrna Village

Other Root Bridges:

Meghalaya has quite a few living root bridges. However, not all bridges are accessible/functional.

  • Ritymmen Root Bridge (on the way to double decker root bridge from Tyrna Village route)

  • Ummunoi Root Bridge

  • Umkar Root Bridge

  • Mawsaw Root Bridge

  • Mawlynnong Living Root Bridge

Disclaimer: Please check weather conditions before the trek and fitness levels with your doctor in case of any medical issues.

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